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  • A compass and a map

    Planning Tools

    Manage your team and trips
    in your virtual basecamp.

  • Mountain with digital waypoints

    Digital Maps

    Plan detailed routes, places and
    itineraries on digital maps.

  • Coordinates on a trek

    Location Tracking

    Notify friends and family of your
    where abouts for peace of mind.

  • Adventurer aith camera

    Social Sharing

    Publish your adventures and
    share with the world.

Introducing the Wejugo App

Wejugo is a platform for planning, sharing and receiving hyper-local adventure recommendations. Think maps. Itinerary management. Topography. Location tracking. Off-grid navigation, and safety for the adventuring community. It’s for people who are passionate about canyoning, mountaineering, overlanding, fat-biking, backcountry skiing, canyoning, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, trail-running or doing multi-day expeditions. Thanks to seriously sophisticated technology (think AI, geospatial analytics and IoT) Wejugo delivers hyper-local adventure experiences and recommendations via a personalised experience platform.

With Wejugo, experienced adventurers, elite athletes and outdoor adventure tourism operators – like you – can leave a legacy of stories, insights and adventuring tips and tools for next-gen adventurers to be inspired by and share. Our App is designed to create a better (more sustainable, ethical) world of adventuring where the protection of our wilderness spaces coexists comfortably with access to life-changing adventures.

The wejugo mobile app

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our mission

As passionate adventurers,
we believe in epic responsible adventuring.

Our ethos and vision

We believe that technology plus ethics can be powerful forces to create a future for us all that’s sustainable and safe and supports the preservation of precious wilderness for future generations. Welcome to the Beta launch of our new platform. We conceived of Wejugo (pronounced where’d-you-go) as a place for elite and experienced adventurers to plan adventures, share stories and tips and receive hyper-local, personally tailored adventure recommendations. Our aim is to encourage members to build a powerful community with sustainability and ethics as an overriding guiding principle, and to contribute to creating more exhilarating and enriching responsible adventure experiences.

We believe that technology, when used for good, can help transform how we travel, how our industry plans tourism, and how the wild places we love are managed. At Wejugo, we are committed to using our expertise by harnessing the power of AI, geospatial analytics and IoT to make a positive difference and – together – create a better world.

We hope that, like us, you will be excited by the possibilities and join us at the start of our new adventure as, together, we all prepare for out there.

  • Adventure Travel Trade Association
  • Leave No Trace Movement Australia
  • Leave No Trace Movement New Zealand