About Wejugo

There’s something special about heading off into the wild under our own steam, the sense of freedom, anticipation and adventure cannot be replicated by sticking to the bitumen. Whether it’s walking, running, climbing, skiing, riding or paddling, using our bodies to travel through nature is one of life’s fundamental gifts.
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Whenever you’ve gone on an adventure, whether you followed in the steps of others or forged your own path in your chosen arena and mode of travel, you will have started by wondering where to go and most likely will have finished with rich memories and tales to tell when others asked ‘where’d you go?’
While you push the boundaries of your own explorations, we’re striving to push the boundaries of innovation with our Make Your Own Adventure platform, allowing people like us or you – to plan, embark on and share your remote trips easily with friends and the adventure community.
From planning your itinerary using our route planner to organizing gear, inviting friends, discreetly notifying those who need to know your plan should things go wrong and sharing your trip, we’ve made the whole process of planning an adventure more fun, more efficient and less tedious.

Born out of a passion for
protecting wilderness

In late 2015 Wejugo was founded by a committed team of adventurers driven by a passion for protecting wilderness areas and an inspired desire to use emerging technologies to create a comprehensive planning solution for remote travel.

The light bulb moment happened when the founder, Mike Welling, went on a canyoning trip where he became involved in a rescue involving another group. Their leader had taken a fall and needed emergency assistance. Having experienced difficulties in locating trip intent forms, off-grid itineraries and limited tracking of the group while on the trip, he realised a real need for a solution that combined educating people around safe and responsible travel, with a platform that housed end-to-end trip planning and management solutions. Hence the idea for Wejugo (Where’d you go) was born, which combined responsible outdoor practices including options for tracking people, itinerary planning and safety management, with the team’s passion for the preservation of wilderness areas.

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“I believe the tool we have created will help the long-term protection of our wilderness areas, improve the safety of outdoor activities and reduce the impacts of over-tourism.”
- Mike Welling - Founder and CEO
Tim Macartney Snape climbing on an ice wall.

It all began
with the meeting of two minds

When Mike met Tim Macartney Snape, world-renowned mountaineer, explorer and Leave No Trace advocate, it was a meeting of like minds with complementary talents. They both believe in the power of the outdoors to positively affect lives, relationships and the environment itself – and the importance of educating people on how to travel responsibly in the outdoors. Mike’s professional expertise in information technology and Tim’s vast experience in a wide range of adventures, forms the solid foundation for this exciting new adventure.

By offering outdoor travellers an alternative to the paper map, excel sheet and the plethora of other planning tools in a single, seamless digital platform, he not only wanted to change the way people planned their remote trips but had the ambition to improve the safety of remote travel and its impact on the wilderness forever.

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“The possibility of creating a digital platform that could be an umbrella for adventure activities is really exciting. Having a tool that could be used for planning, mapping, informing, tracking, recording and sharing adventurers activities is the holy grail of digital technology for adventurous travellers.”
- Tim Macartney Snape - Chairman

Our team

Our team at Wejugo is a melting pot of passionate and motivated people dedicated to integrating the details that will enable travellers to have safer, more sustainable and enjoyable experiences outdoors.

  • Mike Welling

    Mike Welling

    Founder, CEO

  • Tim Macartney Snape

    Tim Macartney Snape


  • Sheenagh Welling

    Sheenagh Welling

    Communications Director

  • Pip Soulsby

    Pip Soulsby

    Marketing Director

  • Ezequiel Muns

    Ezequiel Muns

    Full Stack Developer

  • David Wong

    David Wong

    Fullstack developer

  • Cameron Crowe

    Cameron Crowe

    Sustainability Partnerships

  • Peach Welling

    Peach Welling

    Adventure Kelpie and Head of Fun

Our commitment
to the community

We believe that technology plus ethics can be powerful forces to create a future for us all that’s sustainable and safe and supports the preservation of precious wilderness for future generations. Welcome to the Beta launch of our new platform. Wejugo is a place for anyone who wishes to plan and experience an adventure, share stories and tips and receive hyper-local, personally tailored adventure recommendations. Our aim is to encourage members to build a powerful community with sustainability and ethics as an overriding guiding principle, and to contribute to creating more exhilarating and enriching responsible adventure experiences.

Technology, when used for good, can help transform how we travel, how tourism can operate sustainably and how the wild places we love are preserved for the common good. At Wejugo, we are committed to using our expertise by harnessing the power of AI, geospatial analytics and IoT to make a positive difference and – together – create a better world.

We hope that, like us, you will be excited by the possibilities and join us at the start of our new adventure as together we prepare for out there.