Our aim is to better inform everyone on how to minimise their impact on the natural world.

The Wejugo community vision is for a healthy sustainable environment where we bring the latest technological innovations to minimise our impact when we are enjoying the outdoors.

We created Wejugo, a complete trip management and integrated data technology platform to support our passion; to revolutionise visibility and management of available data for impact minimisation of our wild spaces, use in natural resources management, and community sentiment monitoring.

We are actively working with the adventure, outdoor education and tourism industry right now at this golden moment in time where we can reset the balance of our outdoor impacts and achieve a more sustainable tourism future. We’re playing our part and now we’re asking you to join us in this shared outcome, paving the path towards a better future for our planet. Find out how you can work with us.

Our vision

To contribute to a more sustainable future by making data and technology available to government, the private sector, small business and the adventure community.

Our mission

To support sustainable tourism and outdoor recreation ventures to preserve and protect our natural areas.

Our call out to you

Our path is to create a sustainable outcome.

Wejugo is a social outcome focused business:

  1. Provide equal and fair access to data and technology from enterprise to small business.
  2. Share data in an open and transparent way to achieve positive social outcomes for the community.
  3. Equip first nation peoples with tools & technology to be competitive and reduce the inequality gap.
  4. Invest profits in ventures targeting environmental impact minimisation and sustainability.

Wejugo supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We have aligned our Sustainability Commitments 2030 with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) enacted 2015 by the UN General Assembly, which have been adopted by all member states.

The SDGs aim to protect our planet, end extreme poverty, and fight injustice with 17 goals set out for 2030. For WEJUGO, supporting the Sustainable Development Goals means fulfilling our share of the global responsibility to tackle the world’s most pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges.

Read more about Wejugo’s alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals here.

Leave No Trace

Wejugo supports the Leave No Trace global program – invests in minimal impact Leave No Trace education activities and programs for adventure travel and outdoor recreation and education

  • Support the Leave No Trace organisations in Australia and New Zealand as part of the global program
  • Establish a base for a national Leave No Trace training program
  • Continue working with first nations people on land and sea management focussing on tourism impacts and management and recreation activities
  • Support a Leave No Trace Travelling Trainers program
  • Support Leave No Trace e-Learning to raise community awareness, and accreditation including industry standards such as the Australian Adventure Activity Standards

Supporting Projects

  • Australian Biosecurity Roundtable on Environmental Biosecurity
  • Western Australian Indigenous Tour Operators Committee (WAITOC)


We have started building a biosecurity capability so that we can help minimise the spread of invasive species and their impact on biodiversity.

Currently, we are mapping the plant pathogen Dieback across trails in the Southwest Ecosystem of Western Australia – an IUCN international biodiversity hotspot. Our aim is to assist the community to ensure it’s known where Dieback occurs and provide access to information on how to minimise its spread.

Supporting members of

ATTA Member
Leave no Trace Australia
Leave no Trace New Zealand