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Wejugo Platform

Wejugo is an adventure platform for planning, sharing and receiving hyper-local adventure recommendations. Think maps. Itinerary management. Topography. Location tracking. Off-grid navigation, and safety for the adventuring community.

The Wejugo Platform
"...planning such a remote trip meant that any mishap would be very serious."
Portrait of Tim Macartney-Snape

- Tim Macartney-Snape

World renowned mountaineer, explorer, international speaker, author, entrepreneur and twice honoured Order of Australia recipient.

Planning Phase

"With participants of our six person team living in four different states the planning was challenging. Four of us were travelling in a raft and two in kayaks.

Taking the right gear in terms of function and quantity is critical to a trip like this where weight and volume is limited. Typically in any group there is a range of gear available to pool but choosing the optimum range of what is on hand and avoiding duplication is critical and made much easier by the Wejugo planning tool.

On a diverse trip like this the gear requirement is more complex – river craft (one borrowed four-person raft and two kayaks, cooking gear, paddling clothing (it’s wet and cold), warm clothing, waterproof shell, camping gear, climbing gear – trad but needs to be light." -Tim

A camp at tahune creek junction Tim's camp at Tahune Creek junction.
Make Your Own Adventure with Wejugo.
Itinerary and 3D map builder

and 3D map

"The itinerary tool was useful as a guide but due to fluctuating river level and possible weather constraints, the speed of travel varies enormously so a fixed itinerary wasn’t as practical for our group as it would be for a commercially run trip with guides who know the river intimately. This is all indicated in the itinerary tool for the trip" -Tim

and gear

"The participants' tool was useful for everyone to easily know who else was coming and what the emergency contact details for each person was.

It was easy to avoid duplication of gear with group items like stoves and cooking pots, dry bags, repair and first aid kits, rope and gear rack etc." -Tim

The Crew List

Designed for
all adventures

You can use the Wejugo platform and apps for a wide range of adventures and destinations around the world. Or create your own.

In the wild

"The most challenging aspect is the remoteness of the river and the number of complex rapids, several of which require difficult portaging due to deadly hazards that have to be circumvented." -Tim
safety devices
  • Emergency Button
  • Weather Radar
  • On Map Tracking
  • Crew Management

Tim's journey
down the Franklin River

  • Day 1
    Put in point, Collingwood Bridge. Irenabyss gorge
  • Day 2
    Angel rain cave – first camp. camp great ravine
  • Day 3
    Tahune creek junction third camp after side trip to Frenchman’s Cap. camp tahune creek junction
  • Day 4
    Frenchmans Cap. Frenchmans cap lake tahune
  • Day 5
    The Great Ravine. walking back from the summit
  • Day 6
    Rafters Basin. Tahune hut Franklin river
  • Day 7
    Newlands Cascades. Franklin river rapid
  • Day 8
    Blackmans Bend. Blackmans bend
“This is a truly wild adventure, not just a whitewater trip with a rock climb on the side. The Franklin is unique in that the feeling you get when leaving the road is one of wonder and foreboding, this equals real excitement. There are moments of serene peace, of heart-stopping action and hard physicality as you portage around rocks hauling awkward bags and river craft. It’s an experience that’ll be etched in your memory forever.” -Tim
The Compass and map tool

your trips

Load trips and adventures onto the platform and put your brand at the centre stage of the adventure travel community.

Build end to end trip management and promotion on the Make Your Own Adventure platform, as well as enhance your maps with our custom mapping integration software.

  • Increase the quality of your reach with our dedicated adventure community.
  • Increase trip bookings through featured trips on our platform.
  • Enhance your digital presence with integrated and interactive maps on your site.

About Wejugo

Wejugo is a platform for planning, sharing and receiving hyper-local adventure recommendations. Think maps. Itinerary management. Topography. Location tracking. Off-grid navigation, and safety for the adventuring community. It’s for people who are passionate about canyoning, mountaineering, overlanding, fat-biking, backcountry skiing, canyoning, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, trail-running or doing multi-day expeditions. Thanks to seriously sophisticated technology (think AI, geospatial analytics and IoT) Wejugo delivers hyper-local adventure experiences and recommendations via a personalised experience platform.

With Wejugo, experienced adventurers, elite athletes and outdoor adventure tourism operators – like you – can leave a legacy of stories, insights and adventuring tips and tools for next-gen adventurers to be inspired by and share. Our App is designed to create a better (more sustainable, ethical) world of adventuring where the protection of our wilderness spaces coexists comfortably with access to life-changing adventures.

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