IN THE MEDIASeptember 30, 2021

Adventure Travel World Summit 2021

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Wejugo Founder, Mike Welling, had the opportunity to present at the annual Adventure Travel World Summit in 2021 on the topic Using Intelligent Data to Transform Tourism Experiences. You can view the recording of Mike’s presentation below which includes a panel discussion at the end of the presentation with Leave No Trace founder Cameron Crowe and CEO of WAITOC, Robert Taylor.

Wejugo is a proud member of the Adventure Travel Trade Assosication and supports their mission to empower a global travel community to deliver experiences that protect natural and cultural capital while creating shared economic value.

The ATTA says, “our goal as an industry should be to deliver sustainable tourism, defined as net positive. This means basing tourism on profitable business models that provide economic rationale for protecting and enhancing the natural environment, wildlife, and our shared global cultural heritage. It also means being human-focused and in balance — oriented around the well-being of host communities, entrepreneurs and, of course, travellers themselves, in harmony with the environment. You can read more on sustainable tourism here in our article what does sustainable tourism mean anyway?

Using Intelligent Data to Transform Tourism Experiences