Become an Adventure Ambassador

Our Adventure Ambassadors create high quality trips they have embarked on, know well, and want to promote to other adventurers.

Want to get the word out about some of the most epic tracks in your area? We’ll give you the tools to accomplish it.

Promote your favourite remote adventures and trips.

The best part of being an Adventure Ambassador is that you’re able to share some of your most interesting, unique or epic trips with others. Give others the chance to explore routes they may not have experienced before, and play an important part in inspiring the adventure community.

We work with your website

We want your Adventure Ambassador routes and itineraries to be spread far and wide. While we will work to promote key trips as featured adventures on our site, we encourage you to embed the routes in your website using our map widget, designed to enhance your site’s digital presence.

Get the credit for your work

As an Adventure Ambassador, your business or website will be in the spotlight, giving you the opportunity to engage with travellers of all types. By building your presence as an influencer amongst the adventure community through contributing epic trips, you can gain followers and exposure.

How the Adventure Ambassador Program works

The Wejugo Ambassador Influencer Program has three primary components:

  • Trip Influencers: Local adventurers that have an intimate knowledge of trekking, cycling, rafting, 4wding, etc routes in their area and a strong interest in promoting high quality remote experiences.
  • Recognition: Adventure Ambassador routes will be clearly identified so any visitor will know they are viewing a high quality, curated route.
  • Promotion & distribution: Wejugo will increase the exposure of Influencer routes by featuring them at the top of search results, building a prominent directory consisting of only Adventure Ambassadors & their routes.

Be amongst the first to experience new functions and features with Wejugo

Creating detailed and inspiring trips can require a high level of experience with our route planning tools. Some of the tools we’re giving you access to use will be new even to the most experienced users.

For training, comments or questions, please reach out to

Apply to be an Adventure Ambassador

We can’t wait to see what epic remote itneraties you have experienced in your area, and helping to promote them to our adventure travel community. 

Please take a few moments to help us understand what you’d like to get out of this program, and what you will offer as an Adventure Ambassador for your area.

Adventure Ambassador

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